Online Courses has become quite the norm these days. Not only do they help to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge but they also impart a valuable avenue for students who can’t reach the classrooms. Keeping this in mind, online accountancy courses have become quite a rage among aspiring professionals.

How does this help?

Online accountancy courses easily incorporate changes to a curriculum allowing students to remain up to date with changes in subjects such as GST, Income Tax and TDS.

Every good organisation must have a great accountant. Many businesses today are digital yet the need for skilled accountants to keep track of a business’s finances is as important as ever.

Thankfully, by studying online talented people can learn to be great accountants.

Accounting training

The internet has brought the globe together and allowed for the easy sharing of information. It has also allowed millions of people to learn new skills by enrolling in courses online. Many people over the past few decades have participated in online courses and gone on to become successful professionals including accountants

There are essentially two types of training available online,

  1. Instructor-led courses
  2. self-paced courses

How are they done?

As the name suggests Instructor-led courses are taught by an instructor. Such an instructor’s lessons are made available to participating students across the world who can watch the lesson on their computer or handheld device
Such lessons are taught live and participating students are allowed to ask instructors questions during such lessons
Students can learn how to become accountants by participating in live training taught by qualified instructors. Lessons such as these are also usually recorded and made available to students allowing them to review the video at leisure
Such courses follow a preset schedule and accounting material is made available to students during the duration of the course. Across the world, thousands of people have become successful accountants after undertaking an instructor-led class
Students can also go on to become accountants by enrolling in self-paced courses. Globally this is also a popular way to learn accountancy. Students who participate in self-paced courses are provided with all the required study material as soon as they enroll for the course.

Accountancy subjects taught online

A number of accountancy specializations can be learned online in India.

These include Financial Accounting, Indirect Tax or GST, and Direct Tax or Income Tax and TDS. Skills such as how to examine financial statements and Managing Information Systems can also be learned online today.

Advantages of learning accountancy online

  • Today the best start in life is having a good education. Yet there is also a need to continue learning new skills because of changing technology and because new conditions in the market make older skills less useful
  • Learning new skills particularly in accountancy demand time while across India there is also a paucity of qualified instructors to teach courses in accountancy. This is why learning accountancy online is a great way to not only learn new skills but to do so with a minimum waste of time
  • People living in smaller towns and cities in India have no way to learn a subject as important and intricate as accountancy in the towns and cities where they live. This is why for such aspiring accountants learning accountancy online is the preferred way to master the subject
  • Another reason why learning accountancy online is a great way to learn is simply that doing so saves people from the drudgery of a regular commute to and from a classroom. This is especially useful for those who suffer from physical disabilities and for whom a regular commute to and from a classroom is not possible
  • Learning online is also beneficial because as the student does not travel to a classroom, considerable money in travelling expenses is saved. Also while most regular courses take time to create a curriculum for dynamic new topics such as GST, online courses on such subjects are taught by qualified instructors today
  • Online accountancy courses easily incorporate changes to a curriculum allowing students to remain up to date with changes in subjects such as GST, Income Tax and TDS. Such courses also incorporate teaching software such as Busy in their curriculum which regular courses often don’t
  • Finally, by learning accountancy online, students earn a quality education at a fraction of the cost of a regular day class
  • Certainly, the advantages of learning accountancy online are manifold
  • Due to the intricacy of the subject, it is best to learn from a qualified instructor or using a dynamic self-paced course that is abreast of the latest changes. Not only is learning online convenient and easy but what is taught is also often of a higher caliber than what is taught in a traditional classroom.

Original Article by Kounal Gupta, (CEO, HenryHarvin Education – the business of training and skill development)

Source: India Today