So you want to make exam preparation fun!!!

What if I say it is no fun??  Let me tell you that exam preparation is full of ups and downs. At times you will feel low, disgusted or even like giving up.

It can be fun if you like the path more than you like the destination!!!!!

Too complicated, isn’t it!!

Well, that’s the reality. You can make it fun only if you love subjects more than you love that grades. The preparation can be a fun if you love those mathematical equations. The preparation can be a fun only if you are preparing to learn rather than solve questions.

So here are the tips  to get ready for learning :

  1. Take a sound sleep about 7–8 hrs.
  2. Go Jogging around 30 mins. if you don’t do physical effort all day you will get lazy and your focus while studying is gonna decrease.
  3. Surround yourself with good friends with whom you can not only discuss study but can talk about other things too and hang out to take some time off study.
  4. Don’t overstress yourself. Just be steady. People usually have a notion that group studies are time waste. If you are lucky to be part of a healthy group then Group studies will be fun.
  5. Interact in class with teachers and classmates it will increase your understanding and increase your engagement with topic. Right from the beginning be clear on the books that you need to complete before your exams
  6. Give yourself timely break.  Try this Pomodoro Technique – Wikipedia. Go out with parents on Sundays for picnic or  dinners. Have normal chats with your loved ones. But then, everything has got its limit.  
  7. Keep yourself away from all the social media sites. It helps a lot.
  8. Don’t spend your weekends like weekdays, take time off study, watch a movie, play some sports if feasible, sleep more.
  9. Study your subjects in slots. That is, after studying for 1 hr or so,  just sit and relax for 10 minutes.  
  10. One advisable thing is to play mild music all time when you study

Don’t forget to share your experience and suggestion with us and wish you best of luck in your studies.