There are a few common ways that otherwise smart people undermine their own goals and betray a lack of emotional intelligence when they want to persuade others to help them achieve something.

  1. First, they fail to articulate their exact objectives.
  2. Second, they get so focused on what they want to say, they neglect to consider how their message will land on other people’s ears.
  3. Finally, they muddle directions and meander as they talk, so that it winds up being unclear exactly what they hope other people will do

The whole thing is a recipe for confusion, even when everyone has the best of intentions. So, emotionally intelligent people learn to embrace a deceptively simple habit that helps them overcome all three pitfalls. That habit is BREVITY.

Techniques that can be practiced to overcome all three pitfalls

  1.  Forum  The students should attempt articulating their ideas, opinions, suggestions  and feedback. They should be encouraged  to converse it in a forum 
  2. Empathy  An essential  part in communicating is being empathetic in conversing with others.i,e.looking from other’s point of view. The games like devil’s advocate, Role playing helps the students to train in being empathetic
  3. PEER GROUPS   Students can learn better and faster if they work with peer groups. The learning will be easier and effective through their own age groups. Peer reviewing and suggestions will not make you lose the directions to achieve goals.

Source: INC

N.N. Vaidehi
Research scholar
(u/g Dr. A. Saraswathy
Govt. Arts college for Men