Many spend half their lifetimes to complete PhD from a reputed university in India . After reaching that being a lecturer in indian colleges is not much rewarding like a software professional. To get more out of their degrees some aspire for  professor status in foreign universities. Here are the few tips to equip oneself for that.

  • A full PhD degree in desired discipline with a reputed university.
  • It is good if to have a postdoc.
  • One should publish good articles and theisis regularly in reputed Journals
  • Start reaching out to professors and lecturers in universities abroad.
  • Partake in seminars, webinars, workshops etc
  • Build relationships with good foreign professors and researchers, and if possible, you have to build a team.

All these things will help you to get a professor job abroad. You have to make a good CV and record all these things so that your achievement and research outlook can be improved even further.

Whenever the position comes, apply for the professor’s job, for this you have to constantly search their college website, then you can contact their professors if they are in contact with you and can also take help from some counseling services.