“The NEET preparation had a huge impact on me. I was a girl fond of TV shows and movies.” Says Sukanya, who shares her experience as a disinterested Neet aspirant.

Whenever I get a holiday, I used to sit in front of the TV for hours., even I turn our sofa set into a dining table sometimes but that was all during my school days.

When I started preparing for the NEET, I thought I could handle it like my school since the NEET was completely based on the NCERT syllabus but after checking the previous year’s questions and attending various mock tests I turned as cold as ice.

Well, now the TV shows and movies are something that I am least interested in, even if i get a chance to spend some time on it, the inner me is bothering me so much.

I would like to tell how my typical day goes about  NEET preparation in my life with NEEDBOOK.

  • Morning around 7 AM I will wake up, after finishing my breakfast and other daily needs by 8:30 I will reach my study table.
  • After reaching my table, I will go through my time table and check for the daily tasks
  • By 9 AM I will start my preparation and it would last till 12:30 a by 12:30 I will take a long break which ends at 2 pm in the afternoon. The break includes my lunch and a power nap.
  • By 2 pm I will reach my table again and I will start with the other half of my daily task and probably it will last till 5 – 5:30 in the evening. By this time I will make sure that I had completed the daily planned portion. Sometimes it might take me some more time to complete the daily target.
  • Now it’s time for some tea, snacks, and a little chat with my family.
  • By 6:30 pm I will come back and I will attend some mock tests and test series. Then I will work out on PYQs, then its revision time and by 9 I will be done for the day.

This was my daily routine during the first months of my preparation. It felt very much boring at the start but gradually I realized that Hard Work is the only way to taste the fruit of success and I shaped myself into this.

In few months i finished almost 96% of the topics and I am attending full legnth mock tests, solving previous year’s questions, and revising daily.

This preparation instilled so much of discipline and confidence in me that I feel I’m all set to crack any exams rest of my life not just NEET.