Institutions of higher learning should invest thought and resources into introducing Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) effectively as it had several advantages in strengthening the learners’ ability, K. Baskar, Vice-Chancellor, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, has said.

Addressing the university’s 44th Standing Committee on Academic Affairs meeting on Monday, he said that the UGC and the NAAC were strongly in favour of developing CBCS in tune with the global trends and adoption of a proper grading system for measuring performance of learner.

The UGC, in its Plan for Academic and Administrative Reforms, had indicated that curricular flexibility and learners’ mobility were issues that required urgent attention.

“CBCS eminently fits into the emerging socio-economic milieu and could effectively respond to the educational and occupational aspirations of upcoming generations.  Hence, institutions of higher education should invest thought and resources into introducing CBCS effectively,” Dr. Baskar observed.

Source: The Hindu