The mobile app launched by the Nashik Municipal Corporation’s (NMC) education department to locate out-of-school children has attracted the attention of the state education commissioner and secretary of education department.

“On 25 Oct, Authorities asked us to share the app with them.  Ours was a pilot project in the state that has been successful.  If the government likes it, it will be used throughout the state,” said Nitin Upasani, administrative officer of NMC’s education department .

Kalam Team (part of Tata Consultancy Services’ Disk Innovation Centre), Education on Wheels and NMC’s education department jointly surveyed out-of-school students through the app, named “Identify Kids”.

The app identified 809 children and 200 more were located by the NGO and NMC during a manual survey on August 22 and 24.  This was besides the NMC’s regular surveys to identify such children.

Upasani said that from 2013 to 2016, there have been 10,000 dropouts, many of whom were admitted to schools while admission for others was under way.

Civic school teachers were appointed to detect such children through the app, which also mentions the reason why the child is out of school.

Reasons for dropping out, such as babysitting siblings, lack of transport or no proximity to school, can also be gauged.

Out-of-school children can be registered at any location.

The child’s photo, first and last name, address, reason for dropping out of school (in case of dropouts) and other information can be entered.

Information about migrant children can also be uploaded.  Duplicate entries cannot be done to avoid sending wrong information to the authorities.

Information, available on NMC’s website,, includes areas with maximum number of out-of- school children and reasons for dropping out.

The app has GPS facility to identify the child’s location. The Aadhar card number of the child or parent can be scanned or captured.

Suggestions for alternatives to migrant parents and list of schools in the city are also available.

Source: Times of India