GUVI is an IITM’s RTBI incubated company focus on sharing technical learning in vernacular languages.

GUVI is a skill accelerator to bridge the gap between skills needed in IT companies, relevant education, and employment.

QEEE is offering GUVI from 2014 to the colleges and till now it has offered two vernacular technical programming languages which is Python and Java.

Also, it sparks interest among the students as this has been offered in their own language and the tutors make it more interesting by giving them practical examples and it makes students easily grasp the concepts.

Also, they offer certificates for the students who perform well and give them career guidance in the respective programming language they opt.

GUVI will be taught on September 8th (10am-12pm). Java in Telugu will be the topic.

Note:- The following sessions will be known only after the first session is over which is on September 8th.