Students in government schools may soon get to assess their teachers, with the Centre asking officials to come out with a format allowing pupils to rate their classroom experience.

Students of Class 5 and above were likely to participate in the exercise the details of which were being worked out, sources said.  The programme could be introduced this year.

The plan for the evaluation exercise was discussed with a number of states and some agreed to it.

Initially the programme would be conducted in select states.  A model questionnaire would be prepared and circulated among these states for students’ feedback.

A team of human resources development ministry officials was working on the questions.  Depending on the feedback, the exercise could become a regular feature, sources said.

The proposal could face resistance from teachers, so the government was looking at a plan that would be acceptable to them as well.

Teachers will also be rated on how the students’ perform.

Learning outcomes had been circulated and would be implemented from this academic session, government said.

Teachers would not only be assessed on the marks obtained by their wards but whether a child can recognise a word, can write a sentence, is able to narrate a story, another official said.  Learning outcomes are benchmarks to assess students’ progress.

Source: Hindustan Times