The education sector is all set for a major change as the govt. makes Ph.D. mandatory for professors. It’s getting tough for teachers aspiring to be professors.

What is it?

The Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry is doing away with the Academic Performance Index as a criterion for direct recruitment to Assistant Professors in Indian Universities. Similarly, promotion of teachers to Assistant Professors will no longer require publication of research in academic journal.

In its latest announcement, the HRD ministry has said that Ph.D. will be mandatory for professors before they can apply in college and universities starting 1st July 2021.

How does it affect you?

The new UGC regulation will affect teachers in colleges who are seeking promotion to Assistant Professors.

  • In addition, the HRD also requires that to be eligible for promotion, Assistant Professors must have graduated from one of the Top 500 best performing universities globally.
  • Nevertheless, the incentives given to teachers, including M.Phil and Ph.D. in 2010 have been retained. Assistant professors who wish to continue their research may do so but it will have no bearing in their promotion.

At present, professors seeking direct recruitment only need to have a Master’s Degree in Education and to clear the National Eligibility Test (NET). HRD Minister Prakash says that the exam will still be upheld for admission in fellowship programs.

The full text of the announcement is available below.


Highlights of Minimum Qualifications for Appointment of Teachers in Universities and Colleges and Measures for Maintenance of Standards in Higher Education

In order to attract and retain the best quality teachers and other academic staff in Universities and Colleges, the UGD has brought out new regulations. The Highlights of the Regulation are as below:

  1. Incentives to teachers as provided in the earlier Regulations of 2010 and subsequent amendments have been retained. These include incentives for M.Phil/Ph.D.
  1. API based PBAS has been removed. A new simplified teacher evaluation grading system has been introduced and research score added for Universities to improve research output.
  1. Promotion criteria under CAS for University teachers have been made more research-oriented while in case of College teachers, CAS criteria are more focused on teaching.
  1. For the first time provision for promotion will be up to Professor Level.
  2. Special provision for recruitment of Assistant Professors in Universities and Colleges for Ph.D. Degree holders from a University/Institution in the top 500 Global rankings has been made.
  1. The Regulations mandate the introduction of one-month induction Programme for newly recruited Assistant Professors in Universities/Colleges/Higher Education Institution.
  1. D Degree has been made mandatory for promotion to Assistant Professor (Selection Grade) in colleges from 01.07.2021. Similarly, Ph.D. Degree will be mandatory for direct recruitment to Assistant Professors in Universities w.e.f. 01.07.2021.
  1. For the first time, weightages are assigned for CAS in respect of MOOCs and E-Content in Universities and Colleges.
  1. Research clusters will be created in the Universities within the State for sharing research facilities, skills and infrastructure to ensure optimal utilization of resources and creating synergies for higher education institutions.
  1. Up to 10% of the existing sanctioned strength of Profession in Universities shall be appointed as Senior Professors in the Universities. Senior Professors in Universities will be appointed through direct recruitment and through promotion under CAS.
  1. Universities will accord permission and provider need-based facilities to College teachers to supervise Ph.D./M.Phil scholars.
  1. Special category of medal winners in Olympics, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games in eligibility criteria for Assistant Directory/College Director, Physical Education and Sports, and Deputy Director, Physical Education and Sports in Universities has been made to promote sports in Universities and Colleges.

Source: BioTecNika