Several students graduate every year without any employable skills. Several others don’t have the means to acquire a basic diploma for an employment opportunity of their choice. To eradicate this skill and education gap, the Indian govt. has come up with an e-learning platform, SWAYAM where teachers from different varsities are taking classes.

What is it?

An All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) approved e-learning platform started by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD), SWAYAM is a self-learning portal which seeks to bridge the gap between education and employment.

Here anyone and everyone can seek their education through various courses available online. From certificate courses to diploma courses to UG and PG courses – all are available here. There are no age restrictions here. Anyone can opt for any course irrespective of their vocation, background or age.

The motto of the platform is “Shiksit Bharat, Unnat Bharat”


As given on its website “SWAYAM seeks to bridge the digital divide for students who have hitherto remained untouched by the digital revolution and have not been able to join the mainstream of the knowledge economy.

This is done through an indigenous developed IT platform that facilitates the hosting of all the courses, taught in classrooms from 9th class till post-graduation to be accessed by anyone, anywhere at any time. All the courses are interactive, prepared by the best teachers in the country and are available, free of cost to the residents in India. More than 1,000 specially chosen faculty and teachers from across the Country have participated in preparing these courses”.

Courses Available

The courses hosted on SWAYAM are divided into 4 quadrants –

  1. Video lecture
  2.  Specially prepared reading material that can be downloaded/printed
  3.  Self-assessment tests through tests and quizzes
  4.  Online discussion forum for clearing the doubts.

How beneficial is it?

Steps have been taken to enrich the learning experience by using audio-video and multi-media and state of the art pedagogy/technology. In order to ensure best quality content are produced and delivered, eight National Coordinators have been appointed:

  1.  AICTE for self-paced courses
  2.  NPTEL for engineering
  3. UGC for post-graduation education
  4.  CEC for undergraduate education
  5.  NCERT
  6.  NIOS for school education
  7. IGNOU for out of the school students
  8.  IIMB for management studies

So, irrespective of the course you choose you are getting a degree, diploma or a certificate approved by central educational authorities. This makes it recognized all over the country and hence increases your chance of employability.

Why should you go for it?

It presents a unique opportunity of being taught by some good teachers from reputed institutions. Things you couldn’t learn due to the paucity of money and other such constraints is at your doorstep now. With SWAYAM, you are free online courses approved by premier education institutions.

Who is it for?

This platform is particularly for students and those individuals who want to get a diploma or a certificate showcasing some employable skills. SWAYAM is equally important for people from the lower ranks of the society and for the underprivileged.

Teachers might find this interesting as they can easily create a course on this platform and start teaching.

At present, there are more than 400 courses available on the platform. 432 courses are in English and 9 courses are in Hindi. Engineering courses are the highest with 273 courses available on the platform, followed by Science (30) and Education (23).

The Diversity of Courses Available

The courses available in SWAYAM is as diverse as it gets. One can get skill-based courses like Technology of Fermented Cheese, Icecream, and By-products, Food Laws and Standards etc. On the other hand theoretical courses like Classical Political Philosophy, Psychology of Development and Learning etc. are there.

You even have courses like Introduction to Poultry farming, Agri-Business Management etc. which enhances your business and entrepreneurship skills.

How to apply?

SWAYAM is an online e-learning platform available on electronic devices like laptop, desktop computer, smartphone, iPad, notepad etc. It is available in all versions.

You can download the SWAYAM app from google play, Windows or App Store or you can visit the website to take the course.

Just go to their homepage and select the level of education – school, certificate, diploma, undergraduate or post-graduate and you are all set to go.

You can find the list of courses, faculty, and institutions in different sections of the home page.

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Source: SWAYAM