• GUS, Global University Systems is all set to mark its presence in India
  • The pionEuropeanpean company has set up its first office in HITECH City, Hyderabad.
  • The company will provide global career opportunities for Indian students.
  • GUS will focus on building technological developments, digital initiatives, and enterprising capabilities of young Indians.

The Technological developments in the education sector are up for a major boost with the advent of the Global University Systems (GUS). GUS belongs to the coveted list of pioneering higher education companies in Europe and is often regarded as one of the largest innovative companies in Europe. GUS is establishing its presence in India, in the form of  GUS Education (India) LLP which will boost technological developments, digital initiatives and enterprise capabilities for the education sector.

GUS in India

GUS Education India office was inaugurated by K. T. Rama Rao  Minister for IT E&C, MAUD, Industries & Commerce, Mines & Geology, Public Enterprises and NRI Affairs, Govt. of Telangana, alongside Aaron Etingen, Founder & CEO, Global University Systems, in the presence of other dignitaries from the Government, GUS and industry. GUS will be based in the technology hub of Hyderabad, HITEC City.


GUS Education India’s ambition is to develop innovative solutions by investing in cutting-edge technology. Not just global operations they will also support national level universities and colleges in the education sector. This will not only create local jobs and inward investment into Hyderabad but will make global use of the skilled workforce available in India.

“GUS Education (India) LLP is the fastest growing part of our business. With an office in the HITEC City, where other tech giants are also based, we currently have 100 employees in the business and plan to grow further in the coming years”, said Aaron Etingen, Founder & CEO of GUS.

“We want to make the most of the country’s entrepreneurial and highly-qualified workforce to develop the next wave of technology and advanced processes in the education sector. We will be working very closely with blue-chip companies and start-ups in India and internationally to achieve that,” he further added.

Global Prospects for students

Leading the India operations in Hyderabad is Shashi Jaligama, who joined GUS in London five years ago. Now, as Managing Director for GUS Education (India) LLP, Shashi Jaligama said, “We will be offering a wide range of career opportunities for tech-savvy professionals in Hyderabad.”

“The ambition is to lead the way when it comes to innovation and technology for the education industry and we will need the most creative and talented professionals to join GUS to support our global operations and local clients.”

Global University Systems owns and operates one of the most diverse networks of higher education institutions. Leading institutions such as The University of Law, London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), Arden University and the -based GISMA Business School are part of the group, which owns three universities and a wide network of language, business and professional schools.

With such a global outreach and active presence in countries like UK, Germany, Ireland, Israel etc. GUS presents dynamic opportunities to its students. One which is on par with global institutes.

Source: The Hans India