Realizing the dire need to improvise the current system of education in Nagaland, the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) held a one-day seminar on July 12 on the education system in Nagaland under the theme, “Generating improvement through research and development in educational system in Nagaland.”

The seminar, which was held at Hotel Japfü, Kohima focused on the secondary education and degree courses with resource persons from educational institutions and academicians deliberating on the topic with paper presentations.

Dr Bendangyapangla, Principal-in-Charge, State College of Teachers Education (SCTE) said Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) needs to be implemented in true spirit while the system of management should be decentralized by giving community responsibility in management.

Further, Dr Bendangyangla emphasized that the contents of the curriculum should be made relevant to the socio-cultural, politico-historical, and geographical context of the learners while the evaluation should focus on “how learning takes place.”

Research Scholar Lakpachui Siro stressed on the importance of ancestral ways of imparting education to children.

Discussions and questions were further raised after the presentation of papers.  Short presentations were delivered by Rangumbuing Nsarangbe, controller of examination, Nagaland Board of School Education and Dr Abemo, controller of examination, Nagaland University.

Source: The Morung Express