Free Online Courses is a boon to the students in this age. It is here where each and everyone is equal. It is here where India is truly digital. This has helped millions of students and professionals learn from the top brains and reputed faculties of universities. This is the way to go forward to make education all-inclusive.

How it acts like ‘an elixir’?

By enrolling for online courses, students are able to complete entire degrees as per their flexibility, even in-between jobs or pursuing another regular course. The platform of e-learning is especially helping dropout students because in online course, they can simply enrol for multiple courses while staying at home. Some e-learning sites like Edx, Coursera, Howcast, Cosmolearning, Massive open online courses (MOOCs) and Academic Earth are providing more affordable options than traditional colleges.

‘edX providing courses from world’s best varsities’

One of the sites providing online courses- ‘edX’ is founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. At present, the site is providing over 1,900 courses in subjects such as humanities, computer science, arts, legal studies, literature and more. Boston University, University of Oxford, Arizona State University, Columbia University, University of Michigan including IIT Bombay are its contributors in the list of courses. For enrolment, students can visit

Diversity in free courses

Diversity in topics of free courses is provided by Harvard University. Some topics like entrepreneurship in emerging economies, fundamentals of neuroscience, principles of biochemistry, web-programming with Python and Javascript, Hinduism through its sculpture script, modern and ancient masterpieces of world history are otherwise difficult to understand in textbooks.

Pros of enrolling in online courses

Students are getting a comfortable free environment for learning with convenience and flexibility of time. The addition of video lectures by faculties of reputed universities is making it akin to regular courses for students.

How does it help?

“I have enrolled in multiple courses related to biology. With the help of audio-video lectures, I have covered basic topics of the subject. The addition of animated videos in lectures is helping me understand biology even better,” said Dipti Chourasia, a medical student.

Source: DB Post