Despite a propensity towards sports, India lacks proper education and facilities for Sports. To remedy this a unique venture of an all-inclusive University specially crafted and curated for Sports is on the line.

What is it?

The first ever Sports University is coming up in Manipur. It will be a Central University specifically furthering the prospects of sports and sports-related studies.

Who is it for?

This proposed Sports University is for those enthusiastic about sports and wants to build a career in this field. Moreover, anyone who wants to conduct research about sports and other aspects of sports will find it helpful.

Ordinance Made

Designed to promote the culture of sports in India, this university has been approved by the Union Cabinet in a recent ordinance.

Speaking to reporters, Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said a bill to set up the university in Imphal (west) is already pending in Parliament. He said things will start moving fast once the President signs the ordinance.

The Necessity of  a  Sports University

Stressing on the need to promote sports in India, Prasad said, “A void exists in the sports environment of the country in various areas such as sports science, sports technology, high-performance training,” the bill stated.

It’s a significant step as the government had so far given little thought to the systematic development of sports in India. Sports education should be taken up on the war footing at schools, colleges and educational institutions.

Developments So Far

Meanwhile, the Manipur government has already allocated land for the proposed university. The proposal to set up the national sports university in Manipur was initially announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while Rs. 100 crore funds for it were allocated in the 2014-15 budget.

As of now, there are some institutes which offer courses for athletes and coaches under state universities. However, the new college coming up in Manipur will be the first Central University in India, to focus on sports education.

Source: InUth