IIT Bombay is planning to launch a master’s course in filmmaking.

The proposal to offer courses in new areas, including filmmaking and medicine,  was taken by the institute strategy and planning committee headed by the director of the institute, Devang Khakhar. This was part of a recent document outlining the IIT’s growth plan for the next five years.

Recently, IIT Bombay saw a surge in the number of students as the institute’s student strength went up from 7,767 in 2011 to 10,169 in 2016. With further expansion on the loop, the intake capacity is slated to increase.

The document mentions a master’s course in filmmaking as it is “a programme relevant for (the) large film industry in Mumbai”.

Professor G.V. Sreekumar, the head of the Industrial Design Centre (IDC)IDC, said it could take a year to finalise the details of the proposed course on filmmaking, as the details are being worked out. Earlier, only the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) was offering diploma course on filmmaking, acting, cinematography etc. With this course in place, the outflow of students from Mumbai to Pune will slow down, as it would support the huge talent demand of the film industry.

“Our master’s course will be different from what the FTII offers,” Sreekumar said.

The document also suggests introducing programmes related to medicine in collaboration with local hospitals. Professor Ranjan Banerjee, head of the Energy Science Engineering department and a member of IIT Bombay professors’ committee ISPC, said the tech school will collaborate with hospitals to help research scholars in medicine to work on integration and application of technology in medicine.

Some other courses in fine arts, finance, data science and corporate law are also on the plan. With this, IIT Bombay will become an educational hub for all kinds of students.

Source: The Telegraph