Amongst the top engineering institutions in India, IIT Madras marks its presence as a topnotch one.  Giving a little more push to IIT aspirants, here we go with some little-known facts about IIT Madras.

Most acclaimed faculty

IIT Madras has set a record for the list of most awarded faculty in their fields of research.

The entire faculty combined has over 50 internationally recognized accolades which includes awards, fellowships, best paper and thesis award.

Heavenly packages

Several companies recruit from IIT Madras with packages in excess of 150,000 $ (90 + lakhs) and the highest till date is 1.5 crores per year.

The most popular branches to receive these packages include Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical and Aeronautics Engineering.

Fastest Supercomputing facility in India

Top 500, a global project that details the most powerful supercomputers in the world declared that IIT Madras has the Fastest supercomputing facility in India with a set of tightly connected computers that work together.

It is also 224th in the World and covers an area of 36 sq.meters.


Shaastra is annual technical festival of IIT Madras.

It was the first certified ISO 9001:2000 students festival in the world with thousands of national and international students racking their brains to show how much of a geek they can really be.

Founded by West Germany

IIT Madras was founded in 1959 with the technical and financial help of the then Government of West Germany.

It was the third IIT to be established for the purpose of educating the masses and delivering world class research facilities.

Source: TopYaps