A Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) sub-committee on skill and technical education has recommended introducing vocational courses from class 3 to ensure that school students undergo skill training from an early age.

The committee also mooted developing laboratories at primary schools to motivate students in this regard.

The report was discussed at a meeting of CABE – the highest advisory body on education for the central and state governments – last month.

Besides this, the body recommended collating a list of skills vis-à-vis the regions they are required in, and integrating them with the education system.

Many members also highlighted the need to focus on vocational education pertaining to skill sectors relevant to the states.

Other recommendations made by the sub-committee included training teachers, keeping the needs of the industry in mind.  It also suggested ways to ensure that training in the agriculture sector reaches the backward sections of society.

Sources further said the National Institute of Open Schooling is planning to introduce vocational education in class 12 with three vocational subjects, besides one language and one foundation subject.

The committee stressed on the importance of infusing the existing skill education and technical education courses in both school and higher-education levels at academic institutes.

It also recommended giving parents a say in picking entrepreneurship training courses for students.

Source: Hindustan Times