Education is not all about studying and getting good marks.  It is really a means to discover new things which we don’t know about and increase our knowledge.

Education is the fundamental rights of everyone and capable of bringing any desired change and upliftment in the human mind and society.

Here are reasons why education is extremely important in Our Life and Society

  1. Avoiding societal embarrassment
  2. Forgoing baseless superstitions
  3. Reasoning against the illogical
  4. Keeping up with evolutions
  5. Exposure to the World
  6. No more a fool: Keeping your own mind
  7. A Healthier Lifestyle and living
  8. Adapting to newer techniques for productivity
  9. Ethical values that help make the world more peaceful
  10. Imparts ability to work across genres and cultures
  11. Economic growth of the nation
  12. A longer, disease free life for the younger generation
  13. The Will to Keep trying till success strikes
  14. Earn your own living
  15. Happiness abound: Stable, balanced, self dependent life

Source: List Surg