The Maharashtra education department will organize international trips for teachers and officials in November, to help them understand and learn from the education system there.

The locations include Singapore, Shanghai, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

According to a government resolution issued by the education department, teachers from 100 schools in the state will get an opportunity to go on these trips in batches of 40 each.

But the government resolution also states that the people travelling will have to bear the cost of their trip as the government will not bear the financial burden.

First on their itinerary is a five-day visit to Singapore scheduled later this month.

“Singapore has been successfully working with the University of Cambridge to improve their learning levels, so we decided to visit Singapore first,” said Nandkumar, secretary, school education department.

Recently, the state government announced that 100 schools will offer international curriculum in association with the University of Cambridge.

The trips are part of the government’s programme to improve learning levels among students and bring academics in the state at par with international curriculum.

The destinations were chosen on the basis of their rankings in the Programme for International Student Assessment 2012.  Singapore, Shanghai (China), Taiwan, South Korea and Japan held the top five positions.

Source: Times of India