Speakers at a two-day conference on `Women in higher education: perspectives and challenges in digital era’ opined that girl child education can end gender discrimination in the country.

Indian Space Research Organisation’s Advanced Data Processing Research Institute Director Geetha Vardan opined that many girl children were not able to enter the classroom due to various societal norms.

The conference was organized by National Institute of Technology (NIT) English Department on the campus on Monday as part of Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP).

Chief Guest at the conference, Commissioner of Police G. Sudheer Babu said that the hierarchical system against women was created by some people for their own benefit.

“Women excelled in many fields and it was proved time and again.  We see girls scoring more marks than boys in tenth and inter exams. But because of the male dominated society, they are being suppressed,” Mr. Sudheer Babu observed.

Source: The Hindu