Progress in modern education has a direct implication on the standard of living reflected by a nation, and this is fittingly justified through the rapid development of India in recent times.

Today, education in India is seen as one of the key ways to access upward social mobility, being utilised as a powerful tool to build a society based on knowledge and progressive temperaments, teaching plays a big role.

Needless to say, with the focus of education shifting on a constant basis, the onus of hiring has gone through a great transformation. Newer methodologies have created a conduit of advancements in terms of hiring as head-hunting for the apt fit requires prolonged search, before going for the right fit.

Here’s how hiring in higher education has come a long way:

  • Earlier education institutions used to advertise in newspapers. You would have noticed at least 1/3rd of ascent filled up with education sector recruitment ads. Most of the progressive institutions have now realised that newspaper advertisements are not the most efficient way of academic hiring
  • Most candidates (professors) are still not available on the job portals. Specifically, premium profiles are rarely available on any of the job portals. Professional Networking sites like LinkedIn are being experimented by few institutions. However, being a generic networking platform, its effectiveness is also under question
  • Modern institutions trust specialised head hunters/academic search firms for critical recruitments, i.e., senior level leadership profiles and professors in niche and emerging areas like Big Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, robotics etc. Academic Search firms with strong network among the community and better understanding of academic profiles are preferred over generic search firms

Premier institutes aggressively look for PhD’s:

  • Due to increasing focus on globalisation, premier institutions are aggressively looking for PhD’s from reputed international universities from US and Europe. Premier institutions are going out of their way and designing special compensation package for attracting such academicians
  • Institutions are focusing on hiring PhDs with blended experience of academia and corporate world/industry
  • Truth is, the quality of any academic institution is dependent on its ability to attract the brightest talent. Without a good academic, an institution cannot impart quality education and it won’t be able to realise its true potential

India is operating at more than 35 per cent shortage of faculties and quality faculties are in very high demand

In such scenario, it is foolish to expect a high quality faculty who is in a comfortable job to take the pain of applying to the newspaper advertisement. The faculties from premier institutions would expect that they should be invited for a new teaching or administrative assignment. In this current scenario, progressive institutions are following the methods used by institutions in developed education systems.

What happens in developed education systems:

In developed education systems, most of the professor and academic administrative level recruitments are conducted by Academic Search firms who are expert in headhunting for higher education institutions.

Academic search consultants understand institutions’ objective and they are well networked with the global academic community, turning out to be the most effective process for hiring senior level academicians and academic leadership. The biggest problem for the industry remains on how to cull out the right fit for the institution with academic search firms remaining the best bet.

Source: India Today