As the time passed, it is a time for the results to be out. Students will have many expectations on their results. Some students will be eagerly waiting for their results to be out and few students will be in a fear of scoring low marks in their exams. The expectations and failure of results, all depends on student’s performance in their exams.

CBSE Result 2017

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made an official announcement that CBSE class 10th result 2017 will be declared in the month of June and the results for class 12 board examination will be declared in the month of May as per the notification.

Most of the students will be tensed about their exam results as they cannot enjoy their vacations, cannot concentrate on their work, skip meals with the fear of results. Students are tensed on the day of their results. Students will be more confident about their scores, but they get very bad results .Such cases may be by mistake in correction and in totaling evaluation sheets .The students can approach for revaluation or re-calculation of their scores.

Here are few tips for both parents and students to deal with the expectations and failures in exam results:

  • Parents should help the child to keep their confidence level during the time of their results.
  • Always parents should encourage their children when they fail or get less mark in their exams.
  • Never allow your child to become anxiety.
  • Praise your child for their effort by telling well done, good effort. This may build the confidence level in children.
  • If children fails in their exams, never scold them, find the reason behind their failure and try to find the solution for your child’s problem.
  • Never try to punish or give any lectures on their failures.
  • Give the hopes that you can try better next time.
  • Never try to compare the results with their classmates.
  • Students should take their results in positive. They should not feel depressed by their marks. The results may depend on their performance, evaluations, etc.
  • If child is very much confident on his performance, then they can go for revaluation by re checking with the answers written by them in exams.

According to students can check their CBSE 2017 results on the official website once results are updated. Students can appear for revaluation as soon as there results are out, only if the student is confident on their performance in exams. During the corrections there are chances of mistakes in totaling, skipping the answers, mistake while typing the marks etc. So the best method for the student is to apply for the revaluation or re totaling their scores.

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