Genome Engineering is becoming a potential research tool in science these days. Young researchers and students should know this if they want to prosper in the field of bioscience. Keeping this in mind the Biotechnology Department of the Indian Government, DBT has initiated a Genome Engineering Program in association with IUSSTF.

What is it?

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India along with Indo U.S. Science & Technology Forum, IUSSTF announces fellowship program between Indian institutes and premier U.S. Universities, in significant areas of Genome Engineering/Editing Technology (GETin).

How is it for?

The program is open to individuals whose research work has an interface with Genome Engineering / Editing Technology studies.

How does it help you?

The program seeks to achieve the following things:

  • Provide opportunity to best and brightest Indian students and scientists to gain exposure and access to world class research facilities in leading U.S. institutions;
  • Promote research and capacity building.
  • Encourage and motivate outstanding students to take up research as a career path.
  • Create attractive avenues for skilled overseas researchers to pursue R&D in Indian or to mentor Indian scientist (s)
  • Pave the way for the next generation scientists and technologists from India to interact with American peers, thus helping to build long-term R&D linkages and collaborations.

Who is eligible for this program?

Student Internship

  • Indian citizens currently pursuing a Ph.D. on a full-time basis in various forefront disciplines of Biotechnology (agriculture, health sciences, bio-engineering, biomedical, fundamental biology or allied sciences) at a public- funded R&D lab/ S&T Institute /recognized academic institute / University / College in India.

For a period of upto 6 months.

Age: Up to 32 years as on 31 Dec 2018

Overseas Fellowship

  • Indian citizens having Ph.D. in Life Science, Biotechnology, Engineering or Technology holding a regular position in public funded R&D Lab/ S&T Institution / recognized Universities/ Colleges in India.

For a period of up to 5 weeks to 12 months

Age: Up to 45 years as on 31 Dec 2018

Visiting Fellowship

  • U.S. Faculty or Foreign Post Docs presently working in U.S. (for at least two years) in a field having an interface with Genome Engineering /Editing Technologies.
  • Applicant should possess Ph.D., M.D, M.S or equivalent degree with an outstanding track record as evident through publications and other recognitions.

For a period of 2-3 months.

Age: Up to 60 years as on 31 Dec 2018

Source: IUSSTF