A new initiative undertaken by Hyderabad premiere research institute, CCMB seeks to make students aware of various career choices. The program is done by CCMB’s Ph.D. students in various colleges all over the city.

What’s New?

It’s a unique venture were twelve Ph.D. students of CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, will interact with undergraduate and post-graduate students belonging to different colleges in the city. The primary aim of this initiative is to raise awareness about career opportunities and several scholarships available for Ph.D. programmes. The first meeting with post-graduate students at Loyola Academy, Alwal, was held on April 7.

Who made this?

“The initiative is on a pilot scale right now, involving 12 Ph.D. students. We have already visited two colleges. We will be adding more students and targeting more colleges in the days to come. We intend holding at least one meeting each month,” says Santosh Kumar Kuncha, a Ph.D. student at CCMB. “We also explain the science being done at CCMB.”

How will it help you?

The students intend to interact with students not only in basic sciences but also in vocational courses to explain how science is interdisciplinary and requires different perspectives and skills to excel. The students also intend involving CCMB scientists in the outreach programme. There are plans to initiate other outreach programmes with the general public to keep them updated of scientific advances and their implications on our understanding of life and universe. Thus, it will bridge the gap between college education and the scientific world. This will equip students for a robust career, especially in science.

How to connect?

“Graduate students of CCMB start a new initiative of regularly visiting local colleges in Hyderabad, interacting with science enthusiasts, discussing the ever-expanding frontiers of science and different successful career paths that one can pursue with a rigorous training in science. If you feel your college would like to have a visit from CCMB students as well, leave us a note,” reads a post on CCMB Facebook page. Interested colleges in Hyderabad can also send an email to the following address: [email protected]

Source: Science Chronicle