Does this sound fascinating to build a mobile application within 60 minutes? Normally, a simple mobile app would even require at least a few months for its total development. But here with this simple Mobile App Development Platform (MADP), ‘Vajro’ which is also one of the fastest growing MADP in the world, we can build our mobile application within 60 minutes of time. 


How was Vajro formed?

It specifically is built for e-commerce platform businesses, which works as a SAAS company. It is a brainchild of Bhaskaran Agneeswaran, Niwin Santosh and Raghuraman Ramamurthy and was founded in 2018. 


What Glory does Vajro hold?

  • It is currently aligned with Shopify which is one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the world serving millions of ecommerce stores.
  • With over 550 five-star reviews, Vajro is the number one Mobile App Builder in the Shopify ecosystem. 
  • It is also one of the fastest growing Mobile App
  • Development Platforms (MADP) in the world and one of the fastest growing SAAS companies in Chennai.


Who are Vajro’s Chiefs?

Bhaskaran Agneeswaran is known to be the CEO of this MADP company, who is an entrepreneur and an eCommerce expert who’s been featured on The CEO Magazine, IndiaRetailer, CEOWorld, and many more. He took Vajro to the #1 spot in the Mobile App Builder category in the Shopify marketplace. He is a “40 under 40 Most Influential Leaders” awardee. 


The second Co-founder Niwin Santhosh is Vajro’s COO. He has helped over 2000+ businesses start their mobile commerce journey in his 8-year career. He is always extending his support and helping product teams as well as customer-facing teams, both of which he is passionate about. 


Raghuraman Ramamurthy is the third Co-founder and a Director at Vajro. With over a decade’s experience, he brings his business acumen and leadership to Vajro. He’s also the founder and CEO of Rapid Acceleration Partners (RAP), an AI and RPA platform which is at the forefront of digital transformation.


How Does This MADP Work?

  • Vajro is a cloud based Mobile Commerce platform which lets e-commerce create mobile shopping apps for their stores. 
  • With Vajro, you can build completely customizable, native mobile apps for your Shopify store to increase sales, drive engagement, and build a brand your customers will love. It is compatible with both Android and iOS.
  • There’s no need of knowledge in coding for using this application builder, just a drag and drop according to your desire will envision the outcome.


What are Vajro’s Intuitive Features?

  • As Vajro is a cloud based platform, there is no need to worry about the storage and maintenance of the application.
  • Vajro offers live video sales that are streamed right from the mobile app, no other platforms are needed.
  • Promotion of products through video sales and watching the shoppers go into a buying frenzy is actually possible with Vajro.
  • You can also keep a track of customers getting hooked on the stream of recommendations from their very own AI personal shopper.
  • You can start building the app by choosing from 4 pre-built themes; the intuitive interface lets you customize colors, layouts, and more to reflect your brand.


CEO’s Remarks about this fast growing platform

“Unlike other trends that fizzle away after a few glorious months, live video commerce is here for the long haul. It has proven itself as an explosive sales channel in China and now in the US. It’s all up for taking in India. It presents a huge opportunity for Indian eCommerce businesses to scale rapidly and keep their followers engaged,” concludes Baskar.


Source : Mid-Day