In his first ‘Mann ki Baat’ of 2017, the Prime Minister addressed students of Class 10 and Class 12 who will appear in the board examinations.

The speech focused on encouraging students to look at the exams in a positive light and take it as a pleasure activity. Modi also warned students against cheating.

Here are five five key takeaways from his speech:

  1. “Smile more, score more,” said the Prime Minister adding that students should be relaxed and not panic for exams.  “Instead of chasing after marks, you should strive to gain knowledge.”  Marks will follow if your mission and ambition are in sync, says the PM.
  2. The exams are a test of this year not of a lifetime, he said.  Saying that exams are not a benchmark of success in life, he asked students to compete with themselves rather than others.
  3. He also asked parents to create a ‘festive environment’ and an air of happiness in their homes with regards to studies.  Parents should accept their wards ‘the way they are’ and mentor them to be a part of society.
  4. PM warned students against the temptation of cheating.  He said that some students spend all their time in finding ways to cheat.  These children, he says, should rather put the same amount of efforts into studies.  “If they cheat, what will they teach their children?” he asked.
  5. He also told students to take proper rest, get adequate sleep and physical activity and take breaks during study hours.  These, according to PM Modi, are essential for students preparing for examinations.

He concluded the ‘Mann ki Baat’ session by asking students to be confident with their preparations and their own abilities.  He wished all the students well for their examinations.

Source: The Indian Express