Meena and her husband Sanjay Chouhan are blind, but that has not stopped them from being featured among the best government school teachers in the Indore.

Their hard work and sincerity in overcoming problems was recognised and they were felicitated by the Indore Municipal Corporation on sep. 6 along with 40 other teachers.

Meena started her teaching career in 2007 in Doodhiya in Sanver tehsil.  In 2012, she and husband took a transfer in Indore and have been teaching here since.

Meena said, “Initially, it was quite difficult to manage the class and the students took advantage of my blindness. However, I soon gained their confidence.  Now, they do not disrupt the class.”

“I ask one of the students to read out text and then I explain it to them,” she said.

Her husband Sanjay said he also had a similar experience during his initial days.

Meena has been teaching social science in Naveen Malavkanya School No 5 for the past nine years. Sanjay is also a teacher in the same school.

Both are tech-savvy and use multimedia phones with talk-back features to access social networking sites.

About her teaching method, Meena said, “Books are available in Brail but one single ink printed book is equal to four books in Brail.”


Source: Hindustan Times