In a bid to stay true to the modern times, teaching aspirants are taking up new courses with an international outlook.

More and more students are aspiring to be teachers inspired by some of their own mentors but a fair amount loses the race midway due to lack of relevant knowledge. Most of them are stuck in decadent courses and methods of teaching which have lost relevance in modern times.

There is little or no reference to technology in the classroom, contemporary methods, evolving student demographics, and psychologies. New options are making a steady headway into the teaching profession.

A 15-year-old institute, The Teacher Foundation in Bangalore offers two courses that act as alternatives to the BEd for some schools — The New Teacher, a 16-month full-time course that is accepted as a BEd-equivalent degree. Teach-Now is another venture that has gained prominence. It’s a nine-month, eight-module course built on internationally recognized InTASC standards and allows certificate holders to teach in all schools around the world and in India that accept InTASC.

Courses such as the  Oxford University Press’s Online Teacher Training and Train 2 Transform Workshops help in acquiring new skills after BEd. This adds more value to their qualification and is highly valued by schools, which adds to their qualification and are valued by schools.

People looking to build a career in this profession should acquire these additional skills and opt for international programs, such as the CENTA certification programme.

Source: Hindustan Times