COVID forced all schools to shut down and go remote. Virtual learning ended up being the Students path “into the classroom. Journey to engage all students through technology that maximized teaching and learning blossomed in these 2 years.

Concerns and Possibilities

This year, with schools reopening post-pandemic, many students are set to return to school, but about 30% did not. Therefore hybrid learning became a must, but not without some trepidation.

Even with the school’s distance learning success predominantly during COVID, the blended arrangement still stirred up some concerns.

  • Teachers wondered how they would connect with students in their homes, get content to them and keep them engaged.
  • Parents worried whether their children would have access to technology.
  • Students opting to learn at home fretted over being isolated and not part of the learning community.

Getting the Technology Right and Together “Automagically”

The key to  immersive and engaging hybrid learning experience depends on thoughtful integration of technology and curriculum and “automagically” connecting students and teachers to “talk to each other” in order to work together.

The Needbook Smart systemt has allowed for almost seamless instruction and learning that is now second nature to the students and teachers.

  • Classrooms have NEEDBOOK interactive system with displays connected which provides offline or online integration seamlessly. Interactive topicwise quizzes and study materials  give them the ability to study and review at their own pace.
  • Teachers use Google Classroom and other web-based apps across subject areas, which can also be displayed via Needbook school dedicated websites. Math and science teachers, who do not teach in the school, use the rooms to come “into” the classroom from their homes.
  • Classrooms had large screens that projected at-home students into the class, making them part of the class. Needbook technology makes every child feel like they are sitting in the classroom.

Outcomes, Impact and the Future

Needbook helps in future-proofing the school and teaching community. That involves building on the schools’ achievements, including

  • preparing and integrating a full curriculum in a tech-based environment,
  • building teams of teachers who learned to rely on and appreciate tools they believed would be complex and hard to manage
  • creating stronger socio-emotional connections between students and teachers and, of course, enabling every student to participate in a rich learning experience.
  • Teachers can share the micro lesson plans in Needbook and help all students practice from home for NEET, JEE, Olympiads, etc