Complaining against school fees hike, student injustice, admission issues, or any other malpractice in the education sector is now just a click away.

The Forum for Fairness in Education (FFE), an NGO, working in the field of education since 1994, has launched an Android application, FFE India, for parents, students, teachers and for management across schools.

The application is meant for parents, schools and education officers. Complainants will have to register first and then write their complaint.

The application will not only be the platform for people to complain but will also give them an insight about their rights, current rules and regulations in the education field.

According to FFE, the complaints/grievances will be sent to the FFE from specific school, or college.  It will be anonymously submitted to the concerned education authorities to take action.

The plaintiff can attach a picture, voice recording, pdf file or even a video, on the application. The contact numbers of FFE members of Mumbai, and Pune will be shared on the application so that the person who is complaining can contact them for help.

Source: DNA India