Overviewing the digital world, let’s think what does it not provide us? It has made our lives so simple that anybody can work at their comfort in their desire of place, surroundings and even the choice of your desired career.

Do you love to speak?

Then have some content to speak out and share it with a single click to this big wide world. Even if you don’t have any content, you can speak about yourself, your experiences, your motivations and so on. You earn from it just for sharing your piece of thoughts running in your mind.

There are a number of ways that you can share it with such as videos, podcasts etc. But be clear and meaningful with your words.

So do you think the only way to share our views to the people is through speech? Then, you don’t really understand the power of digitalization you have with you now.

It can be any form of skill you possess. Nobody can underestimate anybody. You just have to know your skill and the way of how you express it. Speech is one way of expression and it is not the only way.

If you don’t know the skill you possess yet, find them out. Quiz yourself with questions below with the view of you being a total creator, and not a viewer :

  • Doing what work or experiment or anything make me enjoy it?
  • When am I not getting bored at all?
  • What kind of topics are I interested in speaking with?
  • Which famous personality’s behaviour I can relate with?(That does not mean you have to go in the field they chose, but you can do your favourite work with an attitude like them when you feel like quitting or pausing).
  • What do I wish to change in this world or your surroundings?
  • What was my childhood dream and is it still running in my mind to be it? (If the answer is Yes, then believe in yourself and work for it until it becomes real.)
  • What kind of gifts really make me happy and find useful?
  • When was the last time I shared or had a thought of sharing useful thoughts with others?

So well, if you’re able to get an answer through this quiz, why should you wait and what should you wait for? Go ahead with spending either part-time or full-time processing it, according to your lifestyle preferences. Because working little by little for a day could also even mean a great outcome in the future.

But when you know your answer and are confused on how to implement it? Then we would like to conclude with a piece of thought, ‘Starting is always difficult’