The ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) is a multiple entry, multiple exit system that allows students to deposit credits earned from various accredited higher educational institutions (HEIs). If one meets the requirements, they can redeem them at any time to obtain a degree. The program also promotes better education and allows students to select and frame their futures.


The focus of the ABC Scheme:

  • Allows students to complete a course at their preferences using a Multiple Entry-Multiple Exit (MEME).
  • Flexibility in a variety of fields, including degree, diploma, post-graduate diploma, and certificate programmes.
  • Allows students to select the best/combination of courses and universities based on their interests.
  • NAD releases an official transcript based on the transfer of academic records between universities or two universities.
  • National systems such as NPTEL, SWAYAM, and SWAYAM PRABHA can be used for earning credits.
  • 1 credit is awarded for fifteen hours of theory/tutorial video, which can be transferred between colleges.
  • A student can drop a course at any time, and the credit earned up to that point is kept in the NAC – Bank.

According to studies, the Academic Bank of Credits would lower the number of students who drop their education because the validity of their credit is seven years. Therefore these credits remains even if they discontinue the course. It is a huge shift in our country’s educational system, which has spanned decades. Now your future is truly in your hands; So create a remarkable one.


Source: News18