Azure is a cloud-based platform that is used to help and support all your business needs. For instance, if you have to build your own software and publish it across the web, you need the web-servers, DNS, employees for maintenance and so on. That is where the term ‘Azure’ comes in and makes your workload process so simple as a piece of cake. It takes care of all of your maintenance parts such as space for your servers, traffic routing of your servers, checking your application health status regularly etc. It operates 100+ services in web, storage, security, networking, mobile, mixed reality, migration, media, management and governance and a lot more.With classification in terms of servicing needs of business, it is divided as,

  • Platform as a Service(PaaS).
  • Software as a Service(SaaS).
  • Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS).

Around the Globe, Azure is used by 80% of the glowing companies now, which means they use it for their work processes daily.

Microsoft Azure was initially released on 27 October 2008 by Microsoft. It supports mostly all kinds of operating systems like Linux, Windows, iOS, Android.

So fundamentally, Azure is a huge collection of servers and networking hardware running a complex set of distributed applications to orchestrate the configuration and operation of the virtualized hardware and software on those servers.

Source : Microsoft