The Delhi Government has decided to send 90 principals from its schools for a leadership training exercise to Cambridge University in the United Kingdom as part of its as part of its teachers training initiative.

The decision came after two officers from Cambridge University, Jaydeep Prabhu and Harold Chi, met Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia at the Delhi Secretariat on Monday.

As a first step, 90 principals will be sent to the Cambridge University in three batches.  This training or Education leadership programme will span over 10 days.

“Apart from visiting the Cambridge University, principals and teachers will also be sent to other top institutions and universities like Oxford, Harvard, IITs and IIMs,” said a senior government official.

During the meeting with the deputy CM, Cambridge officials said the principals going for training would also be visiting the local schools to understand the education system of UK.

In addition, they will also have an opportunity to interact with the teachers of government schools there.

During the interaction, Sisodia said “Our principals and teachers are very talented but we need to impart them with the necessary leadership skills.”

  • Delhi government has allocated Rs 102 crore for international training of principals and teachers in its budget for the current financial year.

Source: NDTV