It has become quite difficult to secure a job in this ever-increasing competitive world. Degrees and a good academic score no longer ensure a good job. The demand for viable job skills have risen over the years and companies look for people who have these essential skills. In other words, degrees and marks aren’t helpful in making you employable. Relevant skills increase your employability. Keeping this in mind, we have curated some Online Courses that will help you in achieving today’s job skills, making you employable.


Coding isn’t just for those who want to make it big in Silicon Valley. As more companies go digital and aim to build an online presence, having even a basic understanding of core languages like HTML and Python can boost your hiring potential.

Web Development

It’s no secret that web developers are in high demand, but what many don’t realize is that you don’t need to commit to a career switch to profit from this technical skill set. Whether you’re looking for a side gig or just want to monetize your online presence, knowing how to develop for the web can pay dividends no matter which way you cut it.

Digital Marketing

Understanding how to build websites is valuable, but knowing how to market and grow the brands on them is just as relevant in today’s digital landscape. From boosting a site’s SEO to connecting on social media, digital marketing is a prized skill companies look for when they’re trying to build their online presence.

Microsoft Excel

You’ve probably used Excel at some point in your career, but not everyone knows how to leverage its greater capabilities. With the potential to visualize complex data and even automate specific tasks, an advanced Excel knowledge can lead to a boost in productivity, which is music to many an employers’ ears.


Not all of us were graced with the writing prowess of Hemingway or Fitzgerald, but knowing the elements of what makes a good narrative isn’t just for those looking to get published. Companies value written creatives who can tell the story of their brand, connect with audiences, and ultimately lead to more sales and conversions.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a leading tool for understanding a target audience and driving sales online. Naturally, this means those who know how to navigate it have an edge when searching for work, especially in positions centered on marketing and development.

Public Speaking

On a list like this, public speaking should be a given, but it’s important to understand that it’s not just a skill for those looking to close deals and nail PowerPoint presentations. Public speaking skills lay the groundwork for emotional intelligence, social skills, and a host of other attributes that help you better connect with coworkers, clients, and so on, which is valuable if you’re hoping to pursue any collaborative or managerial position.

Project Management

Project managers are skilled at helping companies cut costs and boost efficiency, which is why they’re sought after by employers in basically every industry. Of course, doing their jobs requires more than knowing how to navigate Google Calendar.

Source: The Daily Beast