Chemistry has always been an essential component of the Science curriculum. It’s extremely important that an online course of Chemistry happens to draw attention to the subject. This is exactly what happened a month ago – the first annual online refresher course in Chemistry.

What is it?

The first annual online refresher course in chemistry for all chemistry teachers of universities and colleges across India happened on November 1.

This course was developed by the National Resource Centre of Chemistry (NRCC) located at Guru Angad Dev Teaching-Learning Centre of Ministry of Human Resource Development at SGTB Khalsa College.

Why was it made?

“The mandate of this course is to focus on latest developments in chemistry, new and emerging areas in the field of chemistry, pedagogical improvements, and methodologies for transacting the Chemistry curriculum more effectively,”  said Prof AK Bakhshi, Chairman, NRCC.

How does it operate?

The course has already been uploaded on the SWAYAM portal of the MHRD ( in the form of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and will be available free to the teachers of chemistry till 28 February 2019. The enrolment to the course ended on 11 November.

Highlights of the course

Speaking about the highlights of course, Prof Bakhshi said this course has been developed with help of the expertise from all over the country and has been divided into various modules such as “Chem News”, “Chem Talks”, “Chem Nobel Laureates”, “Chem Pedagogy”, “Chem Simplified”, “Chem Misconceptions”, “Chem ICT Tools”, “Chem Safe Labs” etc.

Dr. Vimal Rarh, Coordinator of NRCC said “Chem Safe Labs” modules will help educational institutes develop safer and environmentally friendly practices for reducing the harmful chemical wastage.

Source: The Pioneer